A little background on the chaos that’s my life? You got it.

Me: I’m 29, and intend to stay that way indefinitely. I’m a chunky chick, I like the color pink, shoes, hydrangeas, dick jokes and the smell of puppy breath.  I work full time as a dog groomer and trainer. Where? Mind your own business, stalker. I moved to Rhode Island from Illinois in 2008 to be with my now husband. He’s 20 years older than me, by the way. He’s also hilarious, quirky, sweet, and pretty damned awesome. I had two pit bulls, Capone and Roxie. They’re pretty much the best dogs..ever.  Here they are:

That’s Capone, he’s 9 years old.

This is Roxie, she’s 8.

Cute, huh? Oh just you wait..all the cuteness lives here.

He had a dog too. His name is Squirt. Yea…seriously. I didn’t do it. Squirt’s a sad dog.  No bullshit, the dog is on Prozac because he’s so damned sad all the time.

Moving on.

We had a baby on July 3rd, 2011. His name is Xavier James, and he’s just the most amazing little creature on the entire planet. Look at this perfection:

I told you..all the cuteness. I didn’t take that photo, by the way. His newborn portraits were done by Mrs Tana Murphy of The Murphys Photography. You can check them out right here: http://themurphysphoto.com/

We’re doing our best not to screw him up.

Oh, and my mom lives with us now too. She has Multiple Sclerosis, but she functions REALLY well. She’s just a little crazy, and makes for some fun times. She lives in our sunroom, which is much cooler than it sounds. Jeordie and Holly, our two cats, live out there with her. They’re old and fat, but hey…the majority of the household is.

I’ll add pictures of them later. With all this going on, I’m going to try to find time to chronicle the madness, because I think it will help me stay sane.


4 thoughts on “About

  1. All of your babies are so cute! Where did you get the knit hat with the ears? (Or did someone make it for you?) I love it!

    So you seem like someone I can admit this too…I have two boxers who I love, love, love, and we’re trying to get pregnant (have been for a while now, urgh). I really do want to get pregnant, but I’m afraid that I’ll turn into one of those people who is like, “Now that I have kids, the dogs don’t get ANY attention, blah, blah, blah.” We would never give our dogs up, and I don’t think we would start ignoring them, but I have this fear about loving something more than I love them. So weird, I know. Thanks for letting me confess to you!

  2. Oh, so I guess I didn’t ask my question after my confession: How do you take care of and love three dogs and a baby (and a husand, and work)??

    • I have friends with dogs and babies too, and I’ve talked to them at length on this topic. Before Xavier was born, I genuinely was not sure I could love anything as much as I love my dogs. Even while I was pregnant, I felt only the mildest affection and responsibility towards my unborn baby. But lemme tell you, the minute they laid that slimy little body on my chest and he looked into my eyes, it was like the floor dropped out in my heart, and a whole other wing of my soul opened up. That sounds CRAZY cheesy, I know. But, it didn’t subtract one bit from how much I love my dogs, or the hubs, for that matter. You don’t have to make it all fit into the existing space, you get more space that you didn’t know you had, I guess. If that makes sense. Probably not. And watching all of them interact with your baby only makes you love them more.
      Anyway..Tana Murphy of The Murphy’s Photography brought the hat along with her for Xavier’s newborn portrait session, but I BELIEVE she got it from Etsy seller Baby Beatrini.

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