Wanna know something cool?

I don’t know if you guys are aware of this..but I like to take pictures.  Pictures of dogs, and babies, and people, and cats and bunnies too.  But when asked in the past, I would always say “Noo, I don’t think I want to do weddings. They’re scary.”

Awhile back, I tried to get my feet under me to do things professionally. But life got in the way, and then I got pregnant. And then Jimi died. (And they used my photo for the obituary. Go figure.)  And I just kinda..stopped.

But then..I dusted off the ol’ Canon, and started snapping pictures of Xavier. And I’ve started feeling that little shutterbug bite again. And in the spring, when my friend Tana of The Murphys Photography started looking for someone to fill in for her for a few weddings..I thought “Huh..maybe I could try it.”  And we talked about it, and they were kind enough to agree to let me tag along for a few weddings and see how it went.

Let me tell you. Weddings ARE scary.

But they’re also fun. And even though I’ve felt like I was going to pass out or throw up on the way to every single wedding I’ve gone along for, once I was there I felt like it was what I SHOULD be doing.  So The Murphys have taken me on for three weddings this summer. Holla!!

Here’s a link to their website and blog. I’ve already learned a ton, and I am so excited to have this opportunity.


Which, by itself is super cool.  They even let me touch their stuff. And their baby too.

And now, this past weekend, I tagged along with ANOTHER amazing photographer, Ms Mandy Mayberry. I KNOW. And get this..she was all “Yanno, if you wanted to, you could be my assistant or second shooter or whatever sometimes…”

I tried to play it cool but I don’t think I fooled anyone. I’m so freaking pumped.

Here’s a little bit of Mandy’s work:


I can’t even tell you how psyched I am that I managed to get this lucky this summer. What I can tell you is that I’m SO READY to work my ass off and get some skillz and try really hard not to screw it up.


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