Best Week Ever

Okay no, it wasn’t. I don’t have a whole lot to talk about this week, but I’ll round up some happenings and fill you in.

1. I’ve lost two more lbs. Finding the willpower is hard, especially when I get busy and have no time to sit and eat. But I’ve been doing the best I can with rare exception and that’s about all one can hope for eh?

2. Xavier is cutting a top front tooth, and started on meats. This means we’ve had a few tough nights as we figured out that Chicken & Brown Rice = Intestinal Concrete. But he’s a great kid, and everywhere I go, people stop and talk to him. He smiles  and talks back. He waved at a group of nurses at one of my mom’s Dr’s Appointments. I’m ignoring that he’s saying “Dad” over and over again.

3. My brother Tom, from Illinois, is coming to visit us in July. I am SO excited about this. He’s never been out here before, and he’ll be here for Xavier’s first birthday party, and we’re going to drink rum and be pirates. Holla!! Here’s a picture of Tom for your viewing pleasure. me, that’s not even the most embarassing photo I could’ve posted. But here’s a better, more recent one.

Aww look how little Xavier was!

Okay moving on.

4.  I was lucky enough to have my first taste of wedding photography on Monday. I followed The Murphys ( around, snapped a few photos and got schooled. I can’t imagine doing it alone, but I had a great time. I feel like it’s time to get really serious about photography, because it might just be what I should be doing. I’m so excited to learn more and get really good.

5. You guys probably don’t all know this, but I’m super obsessive and picky about my nails.  I have been going to this one girl, at this one place, for over a year now. I loved her. She was fast, produced good results consistently, and didn’t chatter too much.  But for the last month and a half, she hasn’t been there. They told me she was “on vacation for awhile.” I knew she was gone.

I went to another girl. Then a guy. Then another girl. None of them made me happy. Last night, I went to the usual place and there was the guy who had done a decent job, and the girl who had done a wretched job. So I figured I’d snap up the guy and call it done. But after I had been waiting about 20 minutes, someone walked in with an appointment for him.  I sat there for a minute, deliberating. Sit through and pay for another shitty manicure..or take my chances elsewhere?

I left. I went to a place I’d never been. “Sure but there’s a 25 minute wait”. Nah, I’ll pass. Next place, I walk in and who should I see sitting there? MY LONG LOST NAIL LADY!! I had to control myself and play it cool. But inside, this is what was happening:

You guys can laugh all you want, but I was fucking pumped.

6. This is also pretty awesome news, so brace yourself. Are you ready?

John has a job.

A REALLY GOOD JOB THAT I THINK HE’LL LIKE AND DO WELL AT A COMPANY THAT SEEMS LIKE A GOOD FIT. I’m pretty sure that wasn’t a very well put together sentence, but I was yelling so it’s fine. I’m excited. He starts work on Tuesday. I’m kinda sad that that means I’ll have to stop being lazy and possibly do my own damned laundry. (Maybe) But I’m excited for him. And I get to take him shopping for new work clothes so he’ll look like this:


I think that’s about it for this week. I’ll come up with some interesting shit next week, I swear.


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