Six of em’

Before I get all sidetracked, first of all let me be an attention whore for a second. My friend Jennie, who is super organized and awesome composed this giant collaboration of mommy advice and compiled this blog post on surviving the first few weeks at home with your new baby. Read it, because it’s good. She’s going to do a whole series of them and you’ll find more of my super amazing advice there:

Now that I got that out of the way, I got some other shit to talk about.

Have you ever watched those super sized obese folks on tv? I generally try to avoid these shows because I find them sad..but my mom watches them a lot, so I’ve caught a few of them. When I do, I usually find myself asking “Wasn’t there SOME point in which these people looked down at themselves and said, enough is enough?” I mean..before you throw that 5x sized mumu on the conveyor belt at Walmart and plop your ass down on the hover round, wasn’t there a moment of clarity where you said “No thanks, I think I’ll continue washing my own genitals.”

For me, that point is now.  I have a LOT of weight to lose..a LOT. This kinda weight usually only gets lost through surgical means, the gastric bypass/lapband route. Hey, believe me, if my insurance covered it I would probably do it. But it does not, and I don’t have an extra $20k laying around. Hell, I don’t have an extra $20 laying around.  But I know what to do, it’s simple calories in, calories out. Seven years ago, I lost 100 lbs on my own. I gained it back, obv.  In between then and now, I’ve made a few half assed attempts, but I knew the willpower wasn’t there. This time feels different and I KNOW I can do this. I’m not going to give you a number just yet, someday I will, maybe when I’ve reached a comfortable distance from it. But just know this:

I’m six pounds closer now, than I was six days ago.

Everyone’s trying to lose a few pounds, and everyone who is wants to know what everyone else is doing. So I’ll tell you what I’ve been doing that’s working for me right now.  For starters, I got off my ass. Believe it, I won’t be running a 5k anytime soon. But on Friday morning, I bundled Xavier up, crammed him into his carseat and went for a walk. A mile and a half!  Not gonna front, I was a bit achy afterwards.

Monday, John went with us. 1.75 miles. Not achy!

Today, we made it 2 miles.  It’s already getting easier. And btw, I was pushing a stroller with a 20 lb chunk of cuteness in it.

Here he is in his workout gear:

My outfit matches.

Just kidding.

Anyway. A huge hurdle I faced when it comes to eating healthy is the freaking time it takes. I’m a busy bitch, and preparing every meal, every day? Not gonna happen. So. Thursday morning, I spent about three hours just cooking. I made breakfast burritos with egg beaters, salsa, peppers, and spinach on a whole wheat tortilla. I made chicken ceasar salads. I made tuna salad wraps (I will eat just about any amount of vegetables if you cram it into burrito form.) I made chicken stir fry with veggies and brown rice. Then I portioned all that shit up, packaged it in gladware, foil and/or saranwrap and the rest of the week, it was easy peasy. Sure I had to chop up some fruit here, smear some peanut butter on celery there. But it was not hard at all, and I was never hungry. That part’s key, for me. If I’m super hungry I will make a bad decision.

One other thing that has helped BIG time, a handy little app called NOOM. It tracks my weight and gives me a fun graph to stare at, and congratulates me when I lose weight. It tracks what I eat, and reminds me to tell it what I eat if I forget. It’s a super easy calorie counter too, it’s not like those crappy ones where you have to search your food and stuff. It’s a very simple system. AND, it reminds me to exercise. And you can’t fake it, and be all “Sure Noom, I tooootally worked out today”, Noom’s like “Bitch show me!” and it GPS’s my walk, tells me how far I’ve walked, how fast, and how many calories I burned.

Oh yea, and it’s free. Holla!

So that’s what this week looked like. I’ll be keeping you guys posted on my progress! Holla!


4 thoughts on “Six of em’

  1. Thats awesome! Im on the bandwagon with you. (And i get the “not ready” and “willpower” issues – Im in the same camp – I WILL do it this time).

  2. Oh yeah, WILLPOWER. I’m struggling with that issue in my life as well, the DOING vs. JUST KNOWING part etc. … There’s this guy whose writings I really like, Remez Sasson – he has some amazing input RE: WILLPOWER development… Thought I’d share this info – it’s been very helpful for me…

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