Holy crap.

This is my surprised face.

(And possibly my O face. Possibly not. You’ll probably never know. Ask your mom.)

Anywho. As some of you may know, I am approaching a birthday. The big 3-0 specifically. Which..I am actually not freaking out about. I think that thirty is only scary if you’re nowhere near where you wanted to be by now. While I’m definitely not perfect, I’m kinda okay with the trajectory. I have a gorgeous baby, awesome dogs,  a job I don’t hate most of the time, I don’t live in a shit hole, family who loves me,  and I don’t drive a piece of shit car.

Oh yea, and I have a husband that says “My wife is turning 30 and I want to throw her a surprise party” and friends that hear him, and say “CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!” (Barney Stinson style.)

And bitches, they pulled it off. I cannot believe it.

John’s the kinda guy the minute the package arrives, he’s all “Can I give you your Christmas present now, even though it’s only halloween? I really want to give it to you right now. Can I just tell you what it is and then you can open it? Can you please just open it, please please please please pleeeeease!!!” He asked me to marry him the minute the thought popped into his head.  The man just spits out WHATEVER he is thinking, and if I’m being completely honest, it’s one of my favorite things about him. So I think this is the biggest surprise of all, is that for over a month, he managed to keep quiet about something this exciting.

And not just him! Like..ALL of my friends (here in New England) knew about this and didn’t blow it.  Amazing! Really though, I feel like I should’ve suspected. “Oh let’s have this potluck just two weeks before your birthday and everyone’s going to come.” I’m going to play the “I work full time and have a baby and three dogs” card now, because really, I shoulda seen this coming and just flat out didn’t suspect a thing.

And if you need proof, scroll up and look at my face again.  I was SO clueless, that I walked in and didn’t even look up, I just bent down and started petting the dog and everyone had this “Uhh..what do we do?” moment as my dumb ass is all “Hi Mischa you’re so pretty lalala”

Of course John makes me carry the jug of cider so I look like a TOTAL sped in these pics. I couldn’t carry the bottle of rum or anything that would make me look cool. Nooo. Of course I’m like “Eh fuck it, my bra strap shows a little who gives a shit” Of course, I forgot my camera. So all these pictures, again, are courtesy of the Murphys. As was the ziti, which was delicous.

So I’ll show you the rest of the pictures now of the amazingness.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I got flowers, and cake, and a little ribbon that says Birthday Girl, and a balloon, and lots of cards. But really, having a surprise party thrown for you, that’s just about as good as it gets.  I’m one really lucky girl.

As a bonus, let me give you my boozy cider recipe.

Take one gallon of store bought apple cider, one bottle of Captain Morgain, and toss that shit in a crockpot and turn it on.

If you wanna make it look like you did something, chop up three macintosh apples, toss them with a stick of melted butter (yea buddy), some brown sugar and cinnamon. I tossed in a squirt of maple syrup and a shot of vanilla. Serve it with cinnamon sticks to make it look fancy. Then go to the potluck and be all “Look at my fancypants cider drink” and eat what other people made. 🙂




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