Fall Planting!

My yard went to total shit this year. I guess because I was busy this summer, you know..having a baby. Luckily when I planted I was pretty careful to choose low maintenance stuff that could stand up in the face of potential laziness.
One thing this past spring though, I was totally kicking myself in the ass as I was driving around looking at everyone else’s tulips and daffodils in the spring for not planting some last fall. I even purchased them, but then I got knocked up and got into my new hobbies: sleeping, and trying not to vomit.  So I was super jealous seeing everyone else with those first peeps of color in the springtime, and swore that I would be planting some in the fall, dammit.
Well, the ones I purchased last year went bad. I found out recently I could’ve frozen them, or stored them more carefully at least and they would’ve been okay, but I didn’t and it is what it is, bitches.
So, when I took my mom to Walmart for her shopping, I spotted this whole endcap full of loveliness and it spurred this epic decision making process. Euroblooms brand does this whole Susan G Komen collection, you can view them all here:  http://www.euroblooms.com/komen.html   I love pink. I love tulips. What to do what to do….
My mom, in her infinite wisdom, interrupts my inner debate with “Oh just get all the ones you like, I’ll pay for them let’s just get the hell out of here.”
Remember how she hates shopping? There is an upside to this.
I snapped up SEVEN packages of twelve. Ready for this?


These don’t even really look like the classic tulips. They almost look like Peonies, which I also love and also planted. We’ll come back to that in a minute. LOVE the classic bubblegum pink of these.

Carnival De Rio:


Pink Candy Mix:

I felt like these will provide a nice offset for those more unique blooms.

Speaking of unique blooms, check out “Claudia”

I have a feeling pictures aren’t going to do those justice.


How gorgeous are those? I think those are my favorites.

And finally, Hope Blooms:

These are supposed to have completely individual variations from flower to flower, so no two are alike. I’ll be very curious to see how they turn out.

I also was DYING for some Daffodils, and while I totally love the classic yellows, I was feeling the pinks. (Also..they didn’t have any and I’m lazy.)

So I scooped up a pack each of these, Replete & Pink Charms:


Yea..they totally do look kinda vaginal, eh? Probably why I dig them. The pink charms, below..they kinda remind me of buttholes. Let’s hope they don’t smell like vaginas and buttholes.

So yea..this is my old lady-like obsession, is flowers. I’ve got about half planted, and then it decided to be shitty cold rainy today, so I guess the other half will wait until my next day off. I’m planting them in clusters of four, all around the property. What I’m TRYING to do, is in each hole, put three tulip bulbs and one daffodil bulb. Deer don’t like daffodil bulbs, but they DO like tulip bulbs. We live in Bumblefuck RI, so there’s deer around all the time trying to ruin my life. So hopefully, the butthole & vagina daffodils will protect the tulips from those douchebag deer. Hoping my theory works, so when spring comes I’m not driving around cussing again because everyone has pretty flowers but me. Instead I’ll be driving around like “Wow, your shit looks lame compared to my 84 tulips and daffodils.”

Oh, and I planted 3 Peony Bushes. Sarah Bernhardts:

Gorgeous huh? LOVE them, cannot wait.


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