I’m alive, I swear!


You might have heard that there are epic power outages in Rhode Island this week due to Hurricane Irene. We were some of the unfortunate bastards who were affected, although I think that’s a serious understatement. “Affected” implies that we lost power for a few hours. Maybe a branch fell in the driveway.

Before I go any further though, I will say that I am extremely grateful and relieved that we made it through without damage to people, pets or property.  I am also extremely grateful and relieved that I have some amazing friends who were so kind to us this week I want to cry. 

Okay..so, back to bitching. We knew a storm was coming. We knew it might be bad. I was a little nervous because I’ve never even been in a hurricane before. (Illinois doesn’t see too many.) But, I was really too lazy to do anything about it, so we didn’t buy extra batteries or flashlights, we didn’t fill the bathtub with water, we didn’t really do anything. Sunday morning, the lights started flickering right after Xavier’s morning feeding. I went out to check on mom, make sure she was all set in case the power went out and she had a flashlight.  I woke up John and he was feeding the dogs when the lights went totally out.

He says “I’m going to run to Dunkin, brb!”

SO New England. I was amused. Nervous, but it can’t be that bad. Trees are bending like rubber all around the house. I make my mom get dressed and get the cats carriers ready. Then I bail on her, because a sunroom surrounded by trees in a hurricane? That’s just not where smart people hang out, friends.

It’s at this point, I notice John is giving the dogs bottled water. I laugh at him. “The power is out, not the water, dummy”

“Um..Sam..you know we have a well.”


“So..it needs electricity to pump water into the house.”

“Whatchu talkin bout Willis?”

“We have no running water….”


Oh fuck.

So..we spend the day playing board games, and it’s really not so bad. I say “As long as I don’t miss Trueblood I don’t care.” thinking that there was no way in hell the power would still be out by then. 

I finally got to watch it yesterday (Thursday!) morning. That Erik is one fine looking viking.. *sigh*

We go to bed on Sunday, figuring it would come on in the middle of the night and scare us half to death. This is..kinda shitty by now.

Monday morning? No power still. Okay..we better go get a cooler, the food is going to go bad for sure. I miss work, because my mom’s cell is dead, our house phone is dead. She has no car, no running water, no power. Also..my stash of breastmilk was frozen solid..and without warm..well anything, there was no way to warm up a bottle for Xavier. The breastmilk moved to a friend’s freezer. We spent the day fighting for supplies at walmart, searching all over New England for ice, and trying to find anyone who had power that could watch Xavier the next day.

No luck on that one.

Shower at a friend’s house, surely we’ll have power tomorrow. 

No luck on that one either. Tuesday is spent at a laundromat. Laundry piles up SO fast when you have a baby. My house is starting to smell like a portapotty. Clean out the fridge, we lost pretty much all the foods. Sad day. We run out of rainbarrel water to flush with and open up the hot tub. Treated to a lovely dinner & showers at another friend’s house. In a stroke of genius I pull the solar lights out of the yard and bring them inside. At least we’re not burning up so many batteries.

Wednesday..my mom’s birthday. You gotta be KIDDING ME. Another desperate mission for ice, with no luck at all. Empty out all the coolers with any remaining foods, they’re all bad. Sad, sad. I’m really starting to lose my mind. I cry a lot. I go to a friend’s and watch some crappy reality tv for a much needed break.  The community center opens up, and mom can plug in her nebulizer there, yay.

I’m not meant to live like this you guys. I tried my best to hold it together, but yesterday morning, when I woke up to that awful silence yet again, I thought to myself “Today might be the day I come completely unglued.”

It doesn’t SOUND that bad. So you can’t watch tv, or dick around on the computer. (My laptop doesn’t hold a charge, idk why, didn’t think that would ever be a problem! GAH!)

Like I said, day one, not that bad. By morning of Day 5..my facebook status read “Today will either be the day they turned my power back on, or the day I started a riot.”  Not being able to flush your damned toliet or take a simple shower or just turn on a damned light…it does bad things to a person. 

An hour later, I was getting ready to make my daily dunkin run when we heard the joyous sound of the air conditioners coming on, and the toliet filling up with water, and the fridge, oh sweet baby Jesus, the motherfucking fridge!!!!! I danced, and I shed a few tears.

And then I spent the day cleaning. Now I see why people died from like, a splinter back in the day. It’s hard as hell to keep things clean without power or running water.  It was gross in here. Took me all day to get it all done. 

Now, back to our regularly scheduled programming, here’s a picture of my baby being cute:


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