You better work.


Well..I better work, that is. Not in the fun, sassy, Rupaul sense either, the kind that makes me leave my little X-man and go deal with other people’s dogs instead of my own.  My first day back to work was on Tuesday, and it was completely surreal being back. Of course, I missed my kid so much. Throughout the day, I’d look at the clock and think “Aw, he should be waking up” . Xavier spent the first few hours of the day with his dad, and was a perfect little angel. Well, almost. He did pee during a diaper change, which, I’ll admit, made me laugh. Bout time someone besides me got peed on around here!  This required an outfit change, and apparently..that tripped him up. When I asked my mom how the day went, she said “Oh it was great. He’s such a good baby! But….(and she leaned in like she was about to tell me a troubling secret) when John dropped him off, his outfit was on backwards.”














So, being the loving, sensitive wife that I am, I immediately texted John to make fun of him. He confessed that he realized it as he was passing him off. But aside from that, everything went swimmingly, and evidently, the only one who had a hard time was me.

But I didn’t cry, dammit.  We have never realistically entertained the possibility of me not going back to work. As much as I would love to stay home and play with my baby all day, every day, forever and ever, I know it’s not good for me. I start getting stir crazy, desperate for adult interaction. Also, point blank, we can’t afford it. For what it’s worth, I am one of the lucky ones, I like my job and work with some really great people, so it’s not all bad. So, even if it does make me a little sad, and very anxious to leave him, I know I’m doing what’s best for everyone.

Here’s a cute baby picture: (Outfit on properly)  

Speaking of what’s best; breastfeeding is not what I expected it to be. Well..if I’m being totally honest, I didn’t really have expectations, because I sort of expected to fail, as emo as that sounds. I just really haven’t known a lot of moms who have been able to do it for very long, for any number of reasons. Mommas that are tougher than me. Mommas who wanted it more than I did. But I knew it was best, you want to do what’s best, so I tried.

Who knew it would actually work out? My baby’s an excellent latcher, and for once, my body is doing exactly what it’s supposed to. That’s pretty cool. But..I knew going back to work would mean challenges, if anything because of time constraints. My job is pretty fast paced, and things have to be done in a certain amount of time…so spending 15-30 minutes doing nothing, 3 times a day…well, I missed one. I can see missing more, because that was only a Tuesday. I’m taking my bigger, faster, double pump, hospital grade monster with me tomorrow, and hopefully that will get it done much faster than the super small and convenient single one. It was cute, and convenient, but I just don’t have that kinda life. I have shit to do, wheeze the juice so I can get back to hustlin!

 I don’t want to give it up just yet, and that’s the most unexpected thing of all.

Confession: I read somewhere that drinking purple or blue gatorade turns your breastmilk purple or blue. Guess what I’m drinking today?


Also, in case you haven’t heard, there’s a hurricane coming. It *might* be bad. We’re pretty far inland, so we’ll pretty much just get wind and rain.  Here’s a funny thing about my husband: he is OBSESSED with weather. And extreme weather? His head might just explode this weekend. It’s already begun. I want to say that about 17,000 text messages yesterday were about the damned hurricane, and when I ignored him, he texted my mom about the hurricane! Then he posted on facebook about the hurricane. Then checked the weather channel. Then online. Lather, rinse, repeat. It’s amusing to watch, really. I don’t know what the hell is so exciting about shitty weather, but whatever.  He tuckers himself out eventually.

So yea, not a bad time to go back to work! 🙂

Some other highlights from the last week:

-I made meat muffins.

-I RSVP’d my oldest homie’s wedding in Illinois  in October. W00t! The entire family will be going for the trip…I can’t decide if I’m excited about this or scared shitless.

-My AngelCare Movement & Sound Monitor shit the bed, I’ll be calling about that after I feed the kid in a little while. (Should’ve called Monday, forgot.)

-Since my doctor’s office told me on Friday they’d call me “next week” if it was bad news, and it is now Thursday and I have not heard from them, I can reasonably assume that I don’t have real deal diabetes. FUCK. YES. (See Meat Muffins.)

-I discovered that the fluffy white rug in Xavier’s nursery can, with origami folding and the right lube, fit into my washing machine. This is VERY good news. However, let’s just say what led to this discovery is the reason the dogs are no longer allowed in the nursery unsupervised.

-Yesterday, while waiting for my mom at her Dr’s appointment, Xavier farted VERY loud, four or five times. The entire waiting room was giving me this look like “Come on fatty, we know that tiny baby is not dropping bombs like a grown ass man, stop trying to blame him.” Embarassing.

That is all.


4 thoughts on “You better work.

    • No purple or blue milk yet. I don’t think I’m committed enough, plus I kinda feel like a douche drinking since I’m clearly no athlete and know that that means people are probably assuming I have diarrhea.

  1. Oh the breastfeeding thing! lol For some reason Bella took to it WAY to well herself, and wouldn’t stop until she was two. Trust me I know, it was awkward! The two year old grabbing at my top screaming MAMMA TETA! Don’t do it passed 9 months…I know La Leche is gonna hunt me down for saying it, but it’s hard to break after a year…and took a whole year after to make her give me my boobs back. Loved the blog lady…and um…meat muffin recipe PLEASE!! 🙂

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