I’m kind of a big deal.

Okay, maybe not that big of a deal. But I am feeling pretty damned proud of myself today. A few weeks ago, on a late night whim, I submitted some pictures of Xavier’s nursery to OhDeeDoh. I honestly did not think I would get more than a “Thanks for your entry, but yea, no.”  So..I really didn’t even bother choosing the very best photos or anything, I just picked. And like I said, it was late and I have a newborn baby.

Now I’m TOTALLY regretting not submitting better pictures because this morning, I got an email that I would be featured today. WOOHOO!

Here I am!


Pretty awesome eh?

So I thought I’d go ahead and share a few more pictures & details.

In this picture, we have a wall decal. I got it from Etsy seller Cut It Out Designs. They were excellent to work with, sent me a proof and shipped it out super fast.


The crib I purchased from a friend. It’s Graco “Sarah”.

The bedding, is Glenna Jean Sweet Potato “Neutron”. I ordered it from Amazon.com. It came with an off white sheet, but I like the red much better.

The framed print and robot mobile were both gifts. I’ve seen similar prints on Etsy.

The little trash can, I got at HomeGoods for $7.99. Score!

The rug I found at Burlington Coat Factory for $60. When I was checking out the cashier commented how I must not have any kids or pets. We’ll revisit how the fluffy white rug is holding up another time. Hint: Not.

Let’s move on, shall we?

The light fixture came from Ikea, as did the curtains, the red basket next to the chair, the underbed storage tote, the laundry hamper, dresser, the lamp,  and the drawer organizer. (We’ll get to those in a minute.) But it’s all Ikea. God Bless that wonderland.


The changing table, pad, and cover were also a gift. (I have really nice friends.) The baskets underneath came from Target. (Another wonderland.) You’ll note my cloth diaper stash dead center there. Yes, really. That’s another post though.

The chair..oh the chair. I spotted it at consignment store. It was cheap, and comfy. But..it’s a taupe color. I didn’t want a taupe color. But I kept thinking about that damned chair, I went back probably four times, sat in it, and finally just bought it. $40 my friends. FORTY DOLLARS. I got the slipcover at Target, thinking I would just dye it and I would have my red chair. I tried two different kinds of dyes. Twice. Nothing sticks to that slipcover. So I figure that’s a pretty good slipcover, and will resist stains of the child and pet variety. That rocking chair..well, my friends, it rocks. I fall asleep in it regularly.  And I’m not the only one who thinks it’s awesome:

The prints on the wall behind the chair were kind of a DIY project. I picked up the frame set at Babies R Us for just $20. Then I googled famous robots, used Picnik.com to change the colors to red, and hit print. Voila!

Now..let’s talk about those window shades eh? They were one of my first projects for this room, and are still a fave. Xavier STARES at them while I’m changing him. Which is a lot. Again, another post. So..here’s the secret. The shades were a $5 Wal-mart purchase. They’re the plain, vinyl, on a roll kind. Like in your grade school classroom, or your grandmama’s house. Maybe those were just mine. Anyway. I got the circle decals from, that’s right, bitches: Target. A friend scooped up the robot decals in the clearance bin at Micheal’s. Those shades cost me a whopping $20 for the set.

It was such an easy project, but I swear to you, if I never, ever lay hands on an0ther vinyl decal, I’ll die a happy woman.

Chances are slim of that happening, because the results are so big. Damn the luck. I had one more clearance bin robot decal to use, so here’s what I did with that one:

I SERIOUSLY underestimated that bitch right there though. I thought “Oh I’ll just pop the clock face off, stick the decal on and pop it right back on. NBD! TRALALALA”


That clock, has approximately 400 teeny, tiny screws in the back. And the hands are made out of angel hair, so you look at them weird and they bend. And when they bend, they catch on each other and change the time or get stuck. Of course, you can’t tell they’re bent until you screw those 400 tiny screws back in and realize the stupid hands are all stuck on each other an hour later. This definitely happened at least three times. If you choose to undertake a clock defacing, be better at not bending the stupid hands than I was. Or just pay the money to buy one already made. I’ll make one for you for about $300.

The toys pictured here were all gifts. Capone is pretty sure they were for him.  The shelf came from Target. I’m going to move into Target and live there.

The basket there was a gift off of my Babies R Us registry. It’s full of burprags, in case you’re interested. Again, in case you weren’t paying attention, the lamp is from Ikea.

As I said, the dresser is from Ikea. I felt like the top of the dresser really needed a pop of color, so that’s just a recieving blanket up top there.

The bookshelves house a few of my favorite “splurge” items. On the top shelf, there’s a print by the artist Greg Stones. He does awesome stuff with zombies and robots and I’m a big fan.

The other print is from Diesel Comics. Which I know absolutely nothing about, except that I really liked the look of this Red Robot character. Which is why I found it justifiable to purchase that plush toy there. (Oh Please God, do not let my dogs get ahold of that.)

The baskets, found on clearance at Burlington Coat Factory for $5 each.

The books were ALL gifts, can you believe that? Like I said, I have awesome friends. The Rock Em Sock Em Robots, I got at a garage sale for $3. THREE! I KNOW!

That fancy picture of them is courtesy of The Murphys Photography.

The robot bookends were another splurge. I just..I NEEDED THEM. Okay?

I got them on Etsy, through this seller:


Who was also VERY good to me, and very, very fast. Did these custom fellows so fast I couldn’t believe it. Sadly, they are the exact same color as the wall, so unless I stick those white pieces of foam board behind them, you don’t even see them.

John is making me wood pieces for behind them. Or I’m going to spraypaint them red. I haven’t decided.

The framed name print was another one of my own “Hit Print” projects.

I think that’s about it as far as “STUFF” goes. A few organizational highlights perhaps?

Whoa, that’s a blurry photo. But this is a shoe organizer that I picked up at most likely, Target. I stick recieving blankets and swaddlers in there. Do you have any idea how many recieving blankets I have?

A metric fuckton.

I could build a tent city out of recieving blankets.

As I mentioned, I have pretty awesome friends who like to buy my baby stuff. And I’m not exaggerating one bit when I tell you that I actually purchased about three articles of clothing myself. Everything else came from other people.

I will not have to buy clothes for at least a year. So it took some organizing to pack all those into this smallish space. The closet is still being used for our storage, so it’s not available. So, in the dresser it all goes…

So what I did, was I used craft foam board from Michael’s to create drawer dividers. I’m sure you can probably purchase these somewhere, but I had the foamboard leftover from some stupid wedding project or something and it worked. On the left side, is the stuff that fits him right now. On the right, is the next size up. When something does not fit him anymore, it goes RIGHT into the donate pile. As he’s growing, if I fish something out of the right, and it fits him, it now starts going on the left. The next two sizes after these are in his underbed tote, and 12m+ is in a rubbermaid tote in my basements. This is his onesie drawer. His pants drawer looks pretty much the same.

The bottom drawer is different, it holds pajamas on one side, and hoodies on the other. The sizes are mixed, but it’s not too hard to find.

If I seem a little ocd..it’s because I am. I don’t want to drown in baby crap, or have stuff not get worn because he grew out of it before he had a chance to wear it. And I want to be able to find EXACTLY what I need when he shits up his back in the middle of the night and he’s screaming and I can’t put him down but I just need a sock..just ONE EFFING SOCK.

Alright..I THINK I can wrap it up now. This was one super long post, sorry about that. I just wanted to be thorough!


6 thoughts on “I’m kind of a big deal.

  1. HI there – I have been obsessing about your nursery for the past few months and have used it as an inspiration for my twin boys’ nursery (due in May). We are just now getting to the walls, and I was wondering if you still have the Picnik files for the framed robots? If so, would you be willing to send them to me so we can do something similar? Just thought I’d ask so we don’t recreate the wheel (gear?).
    I love all the updates on your dogs (we have an English Mastiff) and your little boy is adorable! His facial expressions are priceless! Cheers.

    • OMG I am just now seeing this, I am so sorry! I love mastiffs. And twins and robot nurseries!:-) I just checked and I still do have the files! I’ll send them to your yahoo address you used to post. Sorry for the delay, I can’t wait to see pictures of your nursery!!
      ~I tried to email you using the yahoo address and it came back as a fail. LMK if there’s another place I should send?

      • How weird – my email should work…julgb. If it doesnt work, I can send you my work email. Thank you so much! My husband and I just read your entry about the dogs and babies and that will be good to keep in mind since the kids coming will never leave!

  2. What a beautiful and awesome room! And I totally love that you made it look super nice but still on a manageable budget! I’m hoping to follow your lead when setting up my own nursery in a few months. PS Your son’s names are just gorgeous together.

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